Stan Scott speaks on women’s health

Stan Scott is the Democratic Candidate for Virginia’s 4th Senate District in the November 5, 2019, general election.  Stan issued this statement on May 16.

On Wednesday, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed into law anti-choice legislation – passed by 25 middle-aged white men – that would all but end reproductive health freedom for women in the state. Among other things, this would force women to carry a child resulting from incest or rape.

This came a week after Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed legislation that prohibits ending a problem pregnancy after only six weeks – before many women realize they are pregnant.  Further, this law could have the effect of criminalizing miscarriages and expose women who leave the state while pregnant to conspiracy to commit murder charges, whether or not they travel to seek reproductive health care.

Make no mistake: these people want to overturn Roe v. Wade.  Many would also overturn court rulings that protect access to contraception as well. If this happens, only a Democratic-controlled Virginia General Assembly can protect women’s rights in the Old Dominion.

My view is simple. Women have an inalienable right to bodily autonomy and to make health care decisions with support from caregivers and without state interference.  Government must stay out of doctors’ offices while patients and their families make very personal and private decisions.

Please help me protect women’s rights by contributing $25 today: a buck for each of the middle-aged white men who passed the Alabama law that takes reproductive freedom away from their female constituents.

I support ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment and expansion of access to the health care women need, including reproductive health care. We need to start trusting women and respecting choice.

Many thanks for all your support. This is your campaign, and you honor me by making me your candidate.

Stan Scott
Democratic Candidate
Virginia’s 4th Senate District

You can help Stan by donating to his campaign through ActBlue.

May 16 meeting

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Our speaker is Monty Diehl, VP of Operations for Omega Protein.  Monty will talk with us about Omega’s operations, state of the menhaden fishery, and, he will answer questions from the audience.