Two Democratic candidates for Congress

As you know, 2020 will be a busy year with three elections:

  • Presidential primary, March 3, 14 Democratic candidates on the ballot — choose one.
  • House and Senate primary, June 9.
  • Presidential, Senate, House election, Nov 3.

Here in Virginia’s First Congressional District, two candidates have announced their intention to run for the Democratic Party nomination to face incumbent Republican Rob “Donald Trump clone” Wittman in November.  These two candidates are:

  • Vangie Williams, who ran against Wittman in November 2018 and earned 45% of the vote.  Vangie’s website.
  • Kevin Washington, a newcomer to politics who announced his candidacy recently.  Kevin’s website.

We will invite both candidates to speak with us at upcoming meetings.  We also anticipate several candidate debates where these two — and any other Democratic candidates — will have the opportunity to meet with First District Democrats and discuss their positions on issues.