IMPORTANT: Change in Virginia election dates; apply for an absentee ballot

Governor Northam has announced changes in the dates of upcoming elections

Town Elections

Some localities have town elections in May.  For example, Lancaster County has town elections for Kilmarnock, White Stone, and Irvington.  Northumberland County DOES NOT HAVE TOWN ELECTIONS.
When the General Assembly convenes in late April, the Governor will ask the General Assembly to move the May town elections to the same date as the November general election, November 3.


June US Senate and US House of Representatives Primary Election

Governor Northam has used his statutory authority to postpone the June 9 primary election to June 23.
It is possible, if the COVID-19 pandemic has not receded by June 23, the primary may be delayed further.
To summarize the June 23 primary:
There will be TWO ballots, you must choose either Democratic or Republican ballot.
Republican ballot:  The Republicans have three candidates; the winner will run for the US Senate against Democratic Senator Mark Warner.
  • Alissa Baldwin, teacher
  • Daniel Gade, college professor and U.S. Army veteran
  • Thomas Speciale, U.S. Army veteran and intelligence officer
Democratic ballot:  In Virginia’s First Congressional District, Democrats have two candidates; the winner will run against the incumbent Republican, Rob Wittman.

Absentee Voting

If you want to vote absentee by mail, you can apply for an absentee ballot at any time.  However, ballots will not be mailed out until 45 days before election day (approx. May 8).
Apply for absentee ballot online:
+++++  Use reason 2A “My disability or illness”
+++++  Indicate Dem or Rep ballot
Call your local Voter Registrar and request an application
+++++ Northumberland County 580-4655, 580-6224
+++++ Lancaster County 462-5277

November general election

The November 3 general election will elect:
  • President
  • VP
  • Senate
  • House of Representatives
ALSO — two Northumberland County school board seats will be on the ballot in two County districts:
  • District 2 (if you vote at St Stephens, this is you), and,
  • District 3 (if you vote at Fairfields Methodist in Burgess, this is you).
The District 2 school board election is to replace the late Ms. Rita Hooper.  Dr. Edison Jackson is circulating petitions, needs 150 signatures to get on the ballot.
The District 3 school board election is to replace the late Gerald Howard.  Denise Mazyck has been circulating petitions, needs 150 signatures to get on the ballot..