IMPORTANT: Voter registration information

Several folks in our area use a post office box to receive their mail, some do not even have a mailbox at their home.

This has led to some confusion with census documents because the Census Bureau DOES NOT send mail to PO boxes.

If you are concerned about not receiving mail about voting, you can modify your voter registration information to include a PO box as your mailing address.  The voter registration application REQUIRES you to enter a residence address, however, there also is a place down in the center of the form where you enter a PO box as you MAILING address.

Attached is a copy of the current Virginia voter registration form.  In the upper area where you enter name and address, this MUST be your residence address, NOT a PO box.  However, look down the form to Section 4 — check the second box and enter your PO box as your preferred mailing address.  Read the form carefully — it’s really quite simple.


You can also update your registration information on line at the State Board of Elections website:

If you have any questions, contact your county General Registrar.

  • Northumberland County:  (804) 580-4655
  • Lancaster County:   (804) 462-5277
  • Richmond County:  (804) 333-4772