Help us at the polls on November 3

The Northumberland Democrats need your help. President Trump made it clear in the first Presidential Debates he is willing to do just about anything to disrupt the vote on November 3rd. We have to make sure that does not happen.

We have always had volunteers at all our precincts in Northumberland County. Often, they have been subjected to verbal slurs and other forms of intimidation). Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric means we can, at minimum, expect more verbal harassment.

This year as never before, we need volunteers at the polls—two volunteers at each poll throughout the day during each two-hour shift. We should not be confrontational, but we do need witnesses to what is going on in each precinct. Each volunteer should have a cell phone and be prepared to take the license plate number of anyone engaging in voter intimidation or harassment.  

All volunteers will have the phone number of an election official. If there are any problems, election officials will be there as quickly as possible with a deputy sheriff if the situation calls for law enforcement. Throughout election day, election officials will be visiting each voting precinct on a rotating basis.

Please volunteer by calling Jim Long at 724-3240.

Rashid for Congress rally: Wednesday, Oct 14

On Wednesday, October 14 at 6 PM, the Northumberland Democratic Committee is hosting a “Rally for Rashid for Congress”
The event is at the Kober residence, outside in the backyard. The address is 1701 Browns Store Road, Heathsville, VA 22473.
Please wear a mask and bring a chair.  Spaces for attendees are marked at least six feet apart.  
 Qasim Rashid is the speaker for the event, along with Stan Scott.