Northumberland County Republicans and Democrats join to denounce vandalism

Concerned about incidents of vandalism directed at political signs of both parties, the leaders of the Northumberland County Republicans and Democrats issued a joint letter that was published in local newspapers on October 21, 2020.

Northumberland Echo

October 21, 2020

Opinion:  Letters to the Editor

Both Left and Right Denounce Vandalism

The chairpersons of both the Northumberland Democrats and Republicans are as one in denouncing the recent vandalism of our respective parties’ campaign signs.

Our democracy is built on many individual freedoms, first and foremost is freedom of speech.  The destruction of campaign material, including signs, is not only against the law, it is a violation of all citizens’ right to freedom of speech as guaranteed to us in the First Amendment of the Constitution.

The polarization of our political life has reached a point where civil discourse, dialog, and respect for others’ views are practically non-existent.

We should take a lesson from British Parliamentary procedures and always refer to the opposition as “the loyal opposition.”  We should never forget we are all Americans.

As the heads of the Northumberland Republicans and Northumberland Democrats, we call for an end to criminal vandalism and a return to civil discourse.


  • Marion Cockrell, Chairperson, Northumberland Republican Party
  • Dr. Frank Kober, Chairperson, Northumberland Democratic Party


You can download a copy of the letter here:  NOCO Dems and Repub ltr.