You can follow legislation in the General Assembly

The Virginia General Assembly is in session, January through early March 2022.  The Senators and Delegates are introducing and considering legislation, some of which will be passed by the General Assembly, signed by the Governor, and become law.

You can follow legislation on the Virginia Legislative Information System (LIS) — here’s how.

Go to this link — this is the first page of LIS.  If you wish, you can set up an account as Lobbyist in a Box and track up to five bills for free.  You will see many links on this page — click on the link to see:

  • Bills and Resolutions
  • General Assembly Members
  • General Assembly Committees
  • And many other choices dealing with the General Assembly

If you click on the link to Bills and Resolutions, you will go to this page where you have a choice to see all bills, bills introduced by a memberbills before a committee, bills by subject, etc.

If you go to an individual bill, you will see a PDF of the bill that you can download or print.

By studying bills that deal with a topic in which you are interested, you can contact you Delegate or Senator with specific knowledge of the legislation under consideration.