It’s about that “red wave”

While our candidate Herb Jones did not win the First District Congressional Seat held by Republican Rob Wittman, we Democrats have big reasons to cheer about the outcome of the 2022 election.

The big news is that the predicted “red wave” turned out to be nothing more than a small ripple.

Yes, Republicans took the US House of Representatives, however:  (1) Their margin is slim, only 2-3 votes; (2) They are at war with themselves with the Trumpsters and the normal Republicans at each others’ throats;  and, (3) their agenda is focused on useless investigations of the Biden administration.  Everyone I have heard predicts that the antics of the Republican House of Representatives will drive voters away, which will help Democrats in 2024.

Meanwhile, we have held the US Senate and if Senator Raphael Warnock (D, GA) wins the  December 6 runoff election, we will have 51 Senators.

Two other bits of good news from Nov 8:

  1. Several states replaced Republican governors, state officials, and legislators with Democrats.
  2. Candidates endorsed by Trump went  down in flames.

The 2022 election is behind us.  It’s now time for use to get ready for November 7, 2023, when we have a critical election here in Virginia that will give us the opportunity to regain control of the House of Delegates and increase our hold on the State Senate.

We must also pay attention to the local races on the ballot in November 2023.  Of course, looming over all this is the November 5, 2024, Presidential election in which our Senator Tim Kaine will be up for re-election to the US Senate.

See a separate item on this website for the list of local offices on the ballot in November 2023.  See this link for a list of elections and offices through 2025.