The November 7, 2023, election is upon us

On November 7, 2023, we will vote for state and local officials.  Here is a list of the seats that will be on the ballot and names of the incumbents.
State offices

Virginia State Senate, District 25:  Richard Stuart (Republican of Westmoreland County; four-year term)

Virginia House of Delegates, District 67:  Margaret Bevans Ransone (Republican of Kinsale; two-year term)

County offices

These are Constitutional Officers who do not run with a party affiliation.  All are four-year terms except the Clerk of the Circuit Court, which is an eight-year term.

Sheriff:  John Beauchamp

Clerk of the Circuit Court:  Deborah Bingham (Serves an 8-year term)

Commissioner of Revenue:  Todd Thomas

County Treasurer:  Ellen Booker Kirby

Commonwealth’s Attorney:  Jane Wrightson

Supervisor, District One:  James Brann

Supervisor District Four:  Thomas Tomlin

Supervisor District Five:  Ronald Jett

School Board, District One:  Dana O’Bier

School Board, District Four:  Betty Christopher

School Board, District Five:  Gale Haynie Sterrett

Soil and Water Conservation Board: Robert G. Van Landingham

Soil and Water Conservation Board: Robert B. Pickett