GOV Youngkin’s proposed budget is typical Republican nonsense — “trickle down” economics

Gov. Youngkin’s proposed budget amendments were presented this morning before the House and Senate money committees. Here are the highlights (maybe we should say “lowlights”) of his proposals.

  • No $$ for affordable housing
  • No $$ for Pre-K
  • No $$ for childcare
  • No $$ for pandemic learning interruption
  • No raises for teachers, cops or state employees
  • But tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations!

Youngkin’s budget/tax plans are the typical right-wing voodoo economics that have failed disastrously over and over and over again for decades now – “supply side,” “Laffer curve” crap the rightwingers have been pushing since Reagan. Youngkin also wants to defund government and privatize everything, including public education. @VASenateDems should toss this proposal into Sen. Louise Lucas’ trash can!