Virginia Republican Delegates pass legislation that will permit trivial traffic stops . . . the stops that lead to the deaths of Black motorists

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Today’s lead article comes on the heels of release of the Memphis police video of the beating death of Tyre NIchols.

You may recall that in Dec 2020 a black Army officer — in uniform — was stopped in Windsor VA on a trivial traffic charge, something about his license plate. When he dared ask why he was being stopped, he was pepper-sprayed and generally pushed around.

In response, the General Assembly — controlled by Democrats at the time — passed a law banning “trivial” traffic stops in VA.

Well, don’t you know it: House of Delegates Republicans passed legislation to repeal the no-trivial-traffic-stops legislation. The bill passed the Republican House of Delegates about the same time Tyre NIchols was being beaten to death — because of a trivial traffic stop. Thankfully, the bill will die in the Democratic-controlled Virginia Senate. These people never give up.

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The real reason Republicans cannot elect a Speaker: They want to destroy the American middle class

This article was written by liberal blogger and commentator Thom Hartman and copied from DailyKos.

The Real Reason the Freedom Caucus Hates Kevin McCarthy Is Larger Than You Think

While Kevin McCarthy’s struggle to become Speaker of the House of Representatives appears to be about personality and struggles within the House Republican caucus, it’s really about something much larger: the fate and future of American “big government” and the middle class it created.

Ever since the Reagan Revolution, the phrase “big government” has been on the lips of Republican politicians. They utter it like a curse at every opportunity.

It seems paradoxical: Republicans complain about “big government,” but then go on to support more and more government money for expanding prisons and a bloated Pentagon budget. Once you understand their worldview, however, it all makes perfect sense.

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