Now we know how the Trump presidency will end . . . it will be ugly and the Republic may not survive

More than anyone, Trump knows what Mueller will discover. He knows the legal peril that he and his family are in. He also knows that his presidency is certain to end — in some way — if that story ever becomes public.

We should remember this when we see how Trump acts in the weeks to come. Like a cornered rat, he will fight to protect his interests. In every conceivable way, he will work to stop Mueller’s probe, to challenge Congress if it intervenes, to undermine the press and judiciary if they get in the way and — yes — even to engage in reckless military adventures if he thought that would strengthen his position.

We now know how the Trump presidency will end. Let’s hope we survive

America is hurtling towards a constitutional crisis that will rock its institutions to the core.

Its president and his business empire will soon be exposed as beholden to Russian oligarchs and mobsters.

Trump will try to fire special counsel Robert Mueller to prevent this from becoming known, but Congress will intervene.

His only remaining hope will be a 9/11-scale disaster or contrived war that he can exploit.

If we are lucky enough to survive all of the above, Trump will resign before he is impeached — but only in exchange for a pardon from his servile vice-president, Mike Pence.