Election schedule; 2022 – 2025

Here is a schedule of elections for 2022 through 2025.

NOTE:  As a result of 2022 redistricting, Northumberland County :

  • Remains in Virginia’s First Congressional District.
  • Is now in the 67th House of Delegates District; incumbent is Delegate Margaret Ransone (R) of Westmoreland County.
  • Is now in the 25th State Senate District; incumbent is Senator Richard Stuart (R) of Westmoreland County.


No primary election needed; Parties have nominated candidates for 1st Congressional  District seat.

November 8:  General Election for First Congressional District House of Representatives seat.  (Incumbent — Rob Wittman (R); Challenger – Herb Jones (D) )


Primary if needed:  June 20

November 7:   General Election

  • General Election for the Virginia General Assembly
    • House of Delegates (District 67; Incumbent – Margaret Ransone (R) of Westmoreland County)
    • State Senate (District 25; Incumbent – Richard Stuart (R) of Westmoreland County)
  • Northumberland County Board of Supervisors, and, School Board
    • Districts 1, 4, and 5 (Incumbents by district:  James Brann; Thomas Tomlin; Ronald Jett)
  • Northumberland County Constitutional Officers (4-year terms)
    • Clerk of the Court (8 year term) (Incumbent – Deborah T. Bingham)
    • Sheriff (Incumbent –  John Beauchamp)
    • County Treasurer (Incumbent – Ellen Booker Kirby)
    • Commissioner of Revenue (Incumbent – Todd Thomas)
    • Commonwealth’s Attorney (Incumbent – Jane Wrightson)
  • Soil and Water Conservation Board (4-year terms)
    • Robert G. VanLandingham
    • Robert E. Pickett


Presidential primary if needed:  March 5

General primary if needed:  June 18

November 5:  General Election

  • President  and Vice-President
  • US Senator (Senator Tim Kaine (D) )
  • US House of Representatives


Primary if needed:  June 17

November 4:  General Election

  • Statewide general election
    • Governor
    • Lt. Governor
    • Attorney General
    • House of Delegates (100 members)
  • Northumberland County Board of Supervisors, and, School Board
    • Districts 2 and 3
You can download a hard copy this election calendar by clicking on this link.    fed state county officials elections terms