Glenn Youngkin is phony

In a self-serving interview that is not exactly fact-filled, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin described his faith and then went on to tell how he was called by God to run for Governor.

The interview was conducted on Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network — CBN — by Robertson’s granddaughter, Abigail Robertson, who is “CBN Washington correspondent.  Robertson’s son Gordon is CBN CEO.

Why would Youngkin appear on CBN?  Because he plans to use appearances on CBN as the launching pad for his 2024 Presidential campaign in hopes of sewing up the evangelical vote.

Here is the Youtube version of the interview.  The interview also was featured in a front-page article by the Northern Neck News on December 21, 2022.

In the interview, Youngkin talks about his years at the Carlyle Group, a job that left him veryy wealthy when he was fired by Carlyle only to be given around $200 million in stock — tax-free — and around $40 million in severance pay.

Youngkin also made no mention of the fact that he campaigned on “protecting” public school children from “critical race theory” (which is not taught in Virginia public schools) as well as protecting public school children from COVID-related mask mandates.  Meanwhile, Youngkin does not mention that his children attend exclusive all-girl and all-boy D.C. private schools where masks are required and the history of white supremacy is part of the curriculum.

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Youngkin’s children attend exclusive private DC schools that teach “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” — a curriculum that Youngkin denies to Virginia’s public school children.

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