Jan 6 Cmte Hearings

Beginning on June 9, 2022, the House of Representatives January 6 Committee held televised public hearings so America could see the extent of Donald Trump’s attempted armed coup on January 6, 2021.  The last hearing was  late December 2022 during which the Committee:
  • Voted to refer Trump to the Dept of Justice for criminal prosecution;
  • Voted to release their report along with several hundred transcripts of witness interviews.

The Committee’s final report is well-written, well-organized and you should own a copy of it — read it (all 800 pages).  The Report is for sale in paperback and electronic reader format on Amazon — go to Amazon.com and search for “January 6 report”.

Links to the several hundred transcripts will be posted later, when availalbe.

Check out the Committee’s website for the latest news as well as wrap-ups and highlights of previous hearings.  NOTE:  When Republicans take over the House of Representatives in January 2023, the Committee wioll be disbanded and attacked; expect the website to be taken down.