Rob Wittman votes AGAINST YOU.

Some of the bills Rob Wittman has voted against in the 2022 session. You can find more information at
HR 1808 Assault Weapons Ban of 2022
HR 6538 Active Shooter Alert Act of 2022
S 2938 Bipartisan Safer Community Act
HR 2377 Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2021 (red flag)
HB 3771 To amend the Public Health Service Act to provide research for cardiovascular health among South Asian population in US
HR 8373 Access to Contraceptives
HR 8404 Respect for Marriage Act
HR 8297 Ensuring Access to Abortion Act of 2022
HR 8296 Women’s Health Protection Act of 2022
HR 7910 Protecting Our Kids Act
HR 4176 LGBTQI + Data Inclusion Act
HR 7688 Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act
HR 350 Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2022 (not certain bill number is correct, will revisit)
HR 7790 Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriation Act of 2022
HR 7309 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2022
HR 7606 Meat and Poultry Special Investigation Act of 2022
HR 2543 Federal Reserve Racial Economic Equity Act
HR 1037 Navarro and Scavino in Contempt of Congress
HR 1033 Consideration of HR 3807 to amend American Rescue to increase Restaurant Revitalization Act
HR 3617 Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungment Act
HR 6837 Affordable Insulin NOW Act
HR 3967 Honoring our PACT Act of 2021
HR 5846 Freedom to Vote John Lewis Act
HR 3485 Global Respect Act
HR 963 FAIR Act of 2022
HR 6531 Targeting Resources to Communities in Need Act of 2022
HR 5129 Community Services Block Grant Modernization Act of 2022
HR 5129 Rights for the Transportation Security Administration Workforce Act of 2021
HR 2116 CROWN Act of 2022 (regarding regulations regarding natural hair)
November 8:  Vote Herb Jones for Congress, for Virginia, for average folks.