Biden-Harris Administration Accomplishments

What has the Biden-Harris administration accomplished?

And the answer is — as Joe Biden would say: “A helluva a lot!!!”

Follow this link for an updated list of Biden-Harris accomplishments.  On the left side of the page is a list of accomplishments.  Click on the accomplishment and you will see in the right-hand column a graphic describing the accomplishment.

This is the introductory page to lists of Biden-Harris accomplishments as well as articles that describe accomplishments, some in detail.  Where possible we have made the material available for download so you can download to your computer, or,  print it — either or both as meets your needs.

We will add material regularly, please come back from time to time for new material.  (NOTE:  At the end of each item is a date, which is the date the link was posted to this website.

Biden-Harris Accomplishments

Thirty Biden-Harris accomplishments you likely never heard of.  Feb 14, 2024

Most popular Biden-Harris accomplishments. 

Why don’t Biden’s political wins register with voters?  Feb 14, 2024

An August 27, 2023 article from the Greenfield, MA newspaper.  Posted here Feb. 15, 2024.

October 2023 article complete with graphs showing the impact of Biden’s accomplishments.  Feb 15, 2024.

The Biden administration is blamed for the chaotic withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan.  In fact, the groundwork for the withdrawal was laid by the Trump administration.  When Biden took office, he was faced with a decision that had been made months before and his hands were tied.  This article describes in detail the withdrawal and its aftermath.  This document can be downloaded and printed.  Feb 15, 2024.