Liberals, Progressives on the Web

Here are links to Democratic and progressive websites and blogs where you will find commentary on current events as well as analysis of both short- and long-term trends.

Democratic Underground.  You can set up an account for free and make your own comments as well as commenting on other people’s comments.

Heather Cox Richardson’s “Letters from an American”.  This is an excellent site.  Richardson is a history professor who specialized in US history after the Civil War.  Her writing is clear, easy to understand, she uses historical references to let us know that it happened here before and can happen again.

Hopium Chronicles by Simon Rosenberg.  Rosenberg is a regular on Lawrence O’Donnell’s “The Last Word” show on MSNBC, Mon-Fri, 10:00 PM.  “Hopium” as in “hope.”  A lot of his material analyzes trends in voting performance.

BlueVirginia.  Operated by a long-time aide to Senator Tim Kaine, this blog is updated daily and features articles on current political events in Virginia.

Black Virginia News.  A blog that is exactly what its name says.  This is what they say about themselves:  “We are the first publication and podcast to cover the Black community in Virginia from the Eastern Shore to Rose Hill. We exist to inform. We exist to investigate. We are Black-Owned and controlled and always will be.”

Daily Kos.  Love it or hate it, Kos has been around for a long time and is a go-to blog for Democrats.

All Hat, No Cattle.  This is an interesting site.  Operated by a lady living in Costa Rica, the site is mostly photos, cartoons, and other graphics along with links to progressive and Democratic articles — a lot of the material on this site is very in-your-face.

More to come.