Wittman continues to vote AGAINST THE FIRST DISTRICT

In case you are not aware of this fact, Wittman regularly votes AGAINST THE BEST INTERESTS OF HIS DISTRICT — we are in his district, he is not helping us.

Rob Wittman voted AGAINST funds for improvements across the First District


 In November 2021 President Biden signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law – a once-in-a-generation investment in our nation’s infrastructure and competitiveness.

  • The Infrastructure Act passed Congress on a bipartisan vote:
    • Senate: YEA 69  (50-D  19-R)   NAY  30 (R)  Not voting 1 (R)
    • House: YEA 238 (215-D  13-R)   NAY  206 (6-D  200-R)
    • All FOUR Republican House members from Virginia voted NAY, including Rob Wittman
  • The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law represents historic progress, as the largest and most significant investment in:
  • Rebuilding our roads and bridges since President Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway System;
  • Public transit in American history and an historic investment to make public transportation accessible;
  • Passenger rail since Amtrak’s inception, 50 years ago;
  • Clean water infrastructure;
  • Affordable, high-speed internet;
  • Tackling legacy pollution and advancing environmental justice;
  • Upgrading the power grid to transmit more clean energy and withstand extreme weather;
  • Increasing our infrastructure’s resilience against the impacts of climate change, extreme weather events, and cyber-attacks;
  • Replacing dirty diesel buses with clean, electric buses across school bus and transit fleets; and,
  • A national network of EV chargers in the United States and largest investment in domestic manufacturing of batteries and the critical minerals that power them.
  • The Infrastructure Act provided hundreds of million of dollars for projects all over Virginia (partial list of 1st CD projects follows).



  • $25,000,000 federal funds, expand I-64 in New Kent County.  Wittman voted NO.
  • Funds over the next five years to improve airports in the 1st CD:
    • Hanover County Municipal Airport: $1,480,000  Wittman voted NO.
    • $790,000 EACH to these airports:  Wittman voted NO.
      • New Kent County;
      • Tappahannock-Essex County;
      • Middle Peninsula Regional
  • $1,481,489,527.00 (that’s 1.4 Billion) in federal funding to deploy broadband high-speed Internet service throughout Virginia, focusing on rural areas. Several hundred million dollars of this money has already been used or is being used to install broadband to rural areas throughout the First Congressional District.  Rob Wittman voted AGAINST this money, yet, he frequently appears at construction sites wearing his hard hat and yellow safety vest, taking credit for the money that makes the work possible.  Wittman voted NO.
  • Improvements to two ports that serve businesses in the First CD.  Wittman voted NO.
    • $3,712,000 for improvements at the Richmond Marine Terminal/Port of Richmond.
    • $72,371,000 to expand capacity and improve navigation in Norfolk Harbor. Wittman appeared at the harbor to announce the availability of these funds in spite of voting AGAINST this assistance.
  • $1,500,000 for Essex County for community transit planning.  Wittman voted NO.
  • State-wide projects that Wittman voted AGAINST:
    • $65,591,635 to make homes in Virginia more energy efficient and to lower utility costs.  Wittman voted NO.
    • Over $8 billion between 2021 and 2026 for Virginia’s major highway systems.  Wittman voted NO.

NOTE:  This is only a partial list of Infrastructure Act projects that aid Virginia and the 1st CD.  Source of these figures is:


If you have problems with the link, Google this phrase:  VIRGINIA IS ALREADY BENEFITING FROM THE BIPARTISAN INFRASTRUCTURE ACT.


Here are links to more info on impact of the Infrastructure Act on Virginia.